A Little Bit About Us

We're a casual gaming community who currently host 6 different Garry's Mod servers, as well as a TeamSpeak 3 server. GG was founded by three college friends who just wanted their own little TTT server. Since our humble beginnings in 2014, we've grown to have 2702 members on Steam and over 1000 on our forums. Combined with our excellent staff and reliable servers, we have an awesome community which is growing every day. Right now 508 of our members are online, and 55 of them are in-game.

What Makes Us Different

Run By You

The community’s input helps us shape our servers into something everyone can enjoy.

Friendly Faces

We pride ourselves on being a kind, welcoming community. We wouldn’t want anything else.

Top-notch Staff

We only promote long-standing, trustworthy members of the community.

Wide Variety

With 6 unique gamemodes and counting, we’ve got a server that’s right up your street.

Reliable Servers

Our servers have an uptime of 99% or more. You’ll nearly always be able to connect and have fun!

Speedy Downloads

Our servers are jam-packed with unique features, but don’t require painfully large downloads.